This page will give you the opportunity to download all the public deliverables of the project once submitted.

TitleDue date
D1.2Data Management PlanMay 2023
D1.3Updated Data Management PlanNov 2025
D2.1Analysis of Ethical, Legal and Data Protection FrameworksAug 2023
D2.2Examination of Ethical, Legal and Data Protection RequirementsMay 2024
D2.3Ethical and Legal Evaluation and Recommendations ReportNov2025
D3.1Baseline analysis, requirements and specificationsMay 2023
D3.2Requirements and specifications consolidationMay 2024
D3.3Guidance improvement – intermediate reportMay 2024
D3.4Guidance improvement – final reportNov 2025
D4.1CMD Risk Management MethodologiesNov2023
D4.2CYLCOMED Risk benefit schemes and Management Tool Initial ReleaseMar 2024
D4.3CYLCOMED Risk benefit schemes and Management Tool Final ReleaseMar 2025
D5.3CYLCOMED final toolbox packageAug 2025
D6.1Pilot planning and evaluation strategy incl. clinical trial submission packageNov2023
D6.2Pilots initial phase report incl. mid-term recruitment reportNov 2024
D6.3Pilot final phase reportNov2025
D7.1Dissemination, Communication, Standardisation and Exploitation Strategy and PlanMay 2023
D7.2Project websiteMay 2023
D7.3Dissemination, Communication, Standardisation and Exploitation InitialReportMay 2024
D7.4Dissemination, Communication, Standardisation and Exploitation Final ReportNov2025