Meet The CYLCOMED Partner: EVIDEN, an Atos business


EVIDEN is an Atos group business that designs the scope composed of Atos’ digital, cloud, big data, and security business lines, combining its expertise to spearhead data-driven, trusted, and sustainable digital transformations on a global scale. As a next-generation digital enterprise, EVIDEN holds top positions worldwide in digital, cloud, data, advanced computing, and security, offering profound insights to diverse industries across 53 countries. With a workforce of 57,000 skilled professionals, EVIDEN leverages unique high-end technologies, paving the way for advancements in Digital Transformation, Smart Platforms, Cloud, Advanced Computing, Digital Security, and Net Zero across several pivotal industries such as healthcare, life sciences, and more.

Within EVIDEN, Atos Research and Innovation serve as the hub for new technologies, showcasing substantial expertise in research and development projects. Notably, they play a prominent role in EU-funded programs, promoting innovative technologies to safeguard citizens, goods, and infrastructures. Their focus extends to crafting digital security solutions for organisations and individuals, operating in secure and trustworthy digital environments, encompassing robust privacy and security measures like user-centric identity management schemes, distributed ledger technologies, and privacy-enhancing technologies.


In the context of the CYLCOMED project, EVIDEN contributes its comprehensive Cybersecurity and Blockchain, Identity, and Privacy Units expertise. Notably, EVIDEN takes the lead in a critical technical Work Package, responsible for designing and implementing the CYLCOMED Cybersecurity Toolbox. This essential project outcome will ensure that all stakeholders in the Connected Medical Devices ecosystem can mitigate and prevent various cyber risks, particularly as they integrate into novel technological environments.


EVIDEN Partners-Esteban Armas Vega

Esteban Armas Vega

Project director on EVIDEN side. Cybersecurity Researcher at Cybersecurity Unit.

Juan Carlos, Atos

Juan Carlos Pérez Baún

Researcher & Project Manager at Blockchain, Identity & Privacy Unit.

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